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ScalingScales is a scale training tool both for music students & for those who just simply want to improve their music theory. It helps to recognize the pattern behind every scales, leading into deeper understanding of their construction by daily exercises.The training by ScalingScales is easy, amusing & challenging at the same time.
Works / tested both on mobile & tablet devices.
How to play the game:
* Press the green play button to start
* Select first the correct type of key signature for the given key (i e #, b or ---). The second task is to choose the number of the key signature. Finally, play the given scale upwards, beginning & ending with the keynote (i e 8 tones should be played)
* Correct answer gives you 1 point each time & brings you to the next task. Wrong answer will show you the correct answer & end the game
* You can end the game whenever you want by pressing the end button & save your scores if you wish
* You have 30 seconds to accomplish each tasks
Develop & challenge your music theory skills & enjoy learning with ScalingScales!Have a fun time!